Damani Pompey

movement focus


to the concept of A/D/O’s “Urban Imprint” by studio ini, I considered the relativity of the everyday person in many mini-mega cities and their constant interactions weaving in and out of several physical structures throughout the days. The anxiety and pressure to physically move through mostly quadrilateral designs (specifically in New York City,) to attain the notion of destination made me think more of the transitional time of maneuvering around and through other human beings. The idea of SAMARITAN, reminds me that the impression of great action, mood, and acknowledgement of others’ spaces and situations, are as malleable as the weight we put in our stride towards tasked based living. Metaphorically speaking, the weight impressed upon the installation to shape our headspace.

This, coupled with the idea of how abnormal it is to live this way, has helped me to visually explore alien ways of living. The installation has inspired me to think of a compact and specific terrain. I thought to myself, isn’t it striking that we, as urban dwellers, go months or even years without placing our feet on natural Earth? That the development of our existence has everything to deal with solid figures that are constructed against nature and it’s fractals. The installation provides a perfect balance of both… rigid in form and organic in design. Nevertheless, the intimacy of the moving parts of both subject and installation warrants the challenge of understanding other languages of space in relation to other avenues of communication. To be a samaritanis to have honored the idea of community seeking spaces to manifest organically. Every interaction and impression leads to the next day of urban development.